5 Thanksgiving Inspired Snack Ideas

This is truly my favorite time of year. I love trying to incorporate new traditions and of course pull out my tried and true ones. I consider it a tradition to make snacks themed around the holidays we celebrate each month. I believe it brings a silly, whimsical energy into the season and sparks a little magic for the day in our kid’s eyes. And it’s just FUN!

Now please don’t think these snacks happen every single day. Goodness no! I usually think of one snack to try out each week and find a day that might have a slower pace and give me the extra time required for a creative snack. The fastest way to take the fun out of this is to stress about completing it. It should be enjoyable for you and your kids.

I know some Moms rock the snack and lunch game on the daily. I have a friend that comes up with great combinations and food pairings but I just can’t every day. It’s not in my Mom genetic makeup during this season of life. Maybe it will come but until then I will do a little and make it work.

My 5 Favorite + EASY Thanksgiving Snacks:

1. Turkey Oreo Gobblers

I know you have some leftover candy corn from Halloween. Maybe you love to eat it like I do or maybe you just decorate with it but either way pull out that stash and make these fun little turkeys. All it takes is Nabisco Oreos, pretzels, candy corn, some edible craft eyes, a dab of icing (I used black), and 2 minutes. Ryker literally told me “I AM SO EXCITED” …Mom win? I think so.

2. Graham Cracker Apple Turkeys

I used Nabisco Honey Maid Graham Crackers, a thinly sliced apple, some edible craft eyes and half of an M+M for this little cutie. Spread nutella or peanut butter on a cracker and decorate for a quick easy snack.

3. Cheesy Turkey Quesadillas

Cheesy? DEFINITELY! Quesadillas are one of our favorites at lunch and I quickly created this little guy using a sliced apple, an extra bit of cheese cut like a beak, raisins for eyes and pretzel sticks. My little got this plate with extra raisins (his favorite) and I added on extra apple slices to my oldest’s plate!

4. ‘Lunchables’ Style Turkey Bites

This is a fun DIY snack that your kids could help you create. Using a small round cookie cutter – punch out your meat and cheese and cut up some carrots or bell peppers. Lay out your crackers, a few edible craft eyes, cheese cut like beaks and your favorite condiment for “gluing”. You can totally leave out a condiment for a more “mess free” option too. Let your kiddos experiment making their own Turkey Bites!

5. Turkey Pizza

Y’all know we love a good pizza night and every Friday we try to keep our pizza/movie tradition. The kids love it and it takes the guess work out of what we are eating that night. Making your pizzas into turkeys is simple with extra toppings like pepperonis, peppers, and different cheese flavors arranged like feathers. We are trying this one out this weekend and I will update with a picture of our own creations! Have fun!

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*This post is sponsored by Honey Maid by Mondelez but all opinions are my own.

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