Bringing Joy To Your Home + Life

We love a good PROJECT! Actually, we discovered pretty early on in our marriage that scheming up a good room makeover start to finish really combined the opposite elements of Mr. + Mrs. Smith perfectly.  Come see what we have been up to lately…

“a place that fills you with joy"

Thank you for being here and taking time to follow along and invest in this journey with us. Our hope is you feel inspired to make your house feel like home - a place that fills you with JOY!

Over the years we have lived in 4 different homes varying from a 525 sq ft apartment to living in one bedroom out of our parent’s home for a few months.  We learned that no matter what kind of house we lived in, being intentional about making our house feel like a home brought us the most joy.

Today we continue to find ways to improve our home and we hope you feel inspired to create the home that brings you JOY!

I am no fancy shmancy cook but I DO love to whip up some fun treats passed down through our families. Here is a collection of a few of our favorites!

Motherhood doesn’t come easy to me. From years of infertility trying to get pregnant, rare clotting disorders and struggling with antenatal anxiety + depression I have learned what motherhood looks like for me, how to feel grateful during the hard times and to embrace the kind of mom my kids need. Join me on this every evolving journey as I share the real and hard parts right along with the daily JOYS!