Zoë Rose’s Birth Video

From the time I found out I was pregnant, I KNEW that I wanted to have this birth captured on film.

I had a photographer during Riggin’s birth and to date those are some of my most cherished photos I will ever own. If you are in Arizona and looking for a birth photographer I highly recommend Darian Clouse Photography. She brought a beautiful calming presence to the room without saying a word and I can honestly say, I feel like I can call her a friend. She also did his Fresh 48 and Newborn Session. I love staying in touch with her and following along on her business endeavors and life updates. She is a gem.

Unfortunately, I practically live in east California and she doesn’t travel that far for births anymore. Early on she gave me some great recommendations for birth photographers and Ashlie happened to be one that I had followed on Instagram for some time. I loved her photography and her birth videos told such a powerful story, I felt really strongly that she would be a great fit for us. I was right. Ashlie was so attentive, even while pregnant herself and such a sweet soul. She even came and did a last minute fresh 24 hour session with us at the hospital. Ashlie Jeane Videography is a 10 out of 10 and captured Zoë’s birth just how I remember it.

I know that seems weird that I wanted to feel like Ashlie was a good fit for us but I am particular about who can be in the room even down to my nurses. If we don’t jive – you’ve got to go. I don’t feel bad about it either. Birth is personal. It’s vulnerable. Cameron and I both see birth as a sacred, spiritual experience. The people around you bring energy to the room and I only wanted light, joy , positivity and love to be surrounding us. I willingly share videos, photos or words about my experience because I think in today’s world we commonly hear and see negative portrayals of birth that it is scary and should be feared. Honestly, that’s what led me to have an unmedicated birth was researching ways to have a different experience.

A friend asked why I say I had an unmedicated birth instead of a natural birth…

Short answer: I stress to people that an unmedicated birthing experience is not having an epidural. For me, it was an experience I knew Zoë and I needed to have. Some women choose this; some babies come so soon there is no time to decide. Babies are born in cars and birthing centers, tubs and operating rooms. Some children come to us through adoption or surrogacy. The thing is no two births are alike. Any way that your baby needs to enter this world takes courage. It is a beautiful journey. Every woman is strong and every birth is natural.

I promise I will get around to hitting publish on Zoë’s birth story but for now here is the 4 minute and 51 second version.