What’s In a Name?

Y’all I have been wanting to share how we came about naming our sweet baby Riggs! I feel like there are a few random stories to this but stick with me okay?!

Before we were pregnant, Cameron and I babysat for our friends and they have two sweet little girls that both have names beginning with the same letter. After a week of stumbling over and mixing up names, Cameron looked at me dead serious and said we could never name our next kid with anything starting with “R” it is just too confusing and will doom us to parental failure.

We had Ryker’s name picked out months before he was born. We knew it was the perfect fit. This time around… not so much. We played around with a list of names for what seemed like forever. Crossing off and adding and googling random characters from TV shows.  Cameron suggested a name we both really loved and we started using it every now and then.
One day I looked up and Cam and said “that’s not his name, is it?”
“nope, not at all.”

WOOF! You guys we were stuck again. And mind you this is just a few weeks before he’s due.

At the beginning of my pregnancy I had to take a bajillion pills everyday to keep our baby healthy and growing. At 13 weeks, I was able to get off everything and I was ELATED! Taking medications plays this weird pregnancy game with my head so I was thrilled to be done. At our 16 week anatomy scan, we found out that my clotting disorder had gotten worse. It wasn’t a surprise that I had the disorder since we had it with Ryker but I was able to take Aspirin during that pregnancy and everything was A-OK. This time I would have to inject myself with a blood thinner. Daily. For 20 weeks.

I felt so defeated.

Yes, I am a nurse, but injecting yourself with Lovenox is not like doing insulin injections. This junk burns. The needle doesn’t hurt but it feels like pouring alcohol on a cut. Not every time but more than half for sure. We found out that the speed you inject it and the area makes a huge difference. As my stomach got bigger and stretched tighter, it was a challenge to be able to pinch enough skin to inject. So, I did what any crazy hormonal pregnant person would do and made Cameron do it. Everyday. For 134 days.

Since we didn’t have a name for baby boy. I started calling him my little Lovenox baby. One day I was picking up my prescription and realized, lovenox. Love Nox. I thought to myself I do love Nox! I hate the medication but I love it for keeping my baby healthy and I knew that his name had to have Nox in it. We added the K because well… it’s cute and my name starts with K too and because I do what I want ?

Okay so there is where we got Knox from. Now for Riggins.

About 2 weeks before he was born we were on a walk and Cam threw out the names Riggs. I instantly loved it (channeling our love for Tim Riggins) we settled on Riggins but would call him Riggs. We only knew two other Riggins and loved that it was unique but not completely in left field.

The day of my 39 week appointment, I went to the ultrasound all by myself. I hadn’t felt any major contractions and thought it was just going to be routine. The tech told me my baby was measuring 9.7!
I told her, “I am sure you are amazing at your job, but are you sure? I know these can be off up to a pound.”
“nope, I got very accurate measurements. I don’t think I am wrong.”

Basically, my doctor, midwife and nurse practitioner all agreed I would have to be induced in 5 hours or be scheduled for a c-section. Cue my crazy emotional meltdown. 
Don’t worry, I will write more on our birth story later but I got in my car and drove to Cameron’s office in full crisis mode.

Cameron met me in his office, calmed me down enough to make a plan and then we drove home to get our bags. As I pulled out into traffic behind a large RV, I looked down to their license plate that read,

It was all the reassurance I needed and that is how Riggins Knox came to be.

Photography: Darian Clouse Photography 
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