Wedding Part 1 – My Bridal Shower!

Part 1: Bridal Shower
My sweet friend Brooke and Aunt Liz threw me this adorable shower bridal shower in Provo, UT.  Below are some of my favorite moments with my dear friends!
Brooke had asked Cameron some Q & A’s for me to guess right.  For every answer I got wrong I had to put some bubblegum in my mouth! Guess who was practically bubblegum free- this girl! I think I missed one.
1. What is your favorite color?
I’m pretty sure she know’s the story but it’s sea green/blue…

2. If you could spend the day with anyone who would it be?
 KT of course… but if she was busy, it would probably be my dad

3. What is your favorite thing about Katie?
That I’m allowed to mention?…j/k, I really like her hair (is that weird?)

4. When did you first say I love you?
I don’t remember the date, but I definitely remember where it was and the circumstances behind it. I was in my room at 440 North, and it was getting late, about time to go and we had a disagreement about something. She was a little nervous about going forward with things and it I said it to show my intent.

5. What was your first date?
Eight grade graduation, I went to the dinner and a dance with a girl (I can’t remember her name) my friend’s mom drove us and our “dates” to Il Fornaio (an Italian Restaurant) kinda funny, don’t think i’ve ever told her about that.  (My favorite part is that Brooke was talking about our first date together and he told about his first date ever! Silly boy!)

6. Black lace or sweet pink lingerie?
This is a tough one, I like her black dress that she wears so I could only imagine it looking good with less fabric, haha. I guess it would depend on the mood. Black is my first choice.

7. What is your biggest fear?

8. What is your favorite food?
I think that she would say I don’t really have one, I am the least picky eater I know. 

9. How many kids do you want?
3-4 kids is good (perfect! & we are all for adopting)

10. When/where was your first kiss?
3 weeks after our first date downstairs at 440 North, she later told me that I was a little rusty… sad… (this makes me sound so harsh- he isn’t rusty anymore though!)