And So It Begins – Dental School Day 1

Happy Orientation Day!

Cam has officially started dental school at Midwestern University! I cannot believe that the day is finally here.  He has orientation for the next four days and then he is into the full swing of becoming a dentist! Woot Woot!

I am so proud of Cam and all the amazing things that he has done to get to this point.  He even had to take an extra online class this summer for school that he didn’t need for his undergrad.  Talk about some commitment!

The Hubs was so cute last night and laid out his outfit for his first day of school, school id picture, and was very excited to start this new adventure! He was so sweet to ask for my opinion on color of slacks and which tie goes best.  I think will look extra sharp walking through those MWU halls today.

I am sick in bed so I didn’t get to see him off this morning at 6:30am, so I asked him to snap a picture or two for me and we will just have to leave the rest up to him!

Literally this is how he laid his clothes out.  I was dying laughing as I ran to grab my phone to snap a picture! I love how organized my cute husband is!