Wedding Part II – Bachelorette Party

Part 2: Bachelorette Party
Back home in South Carolina before the wedding, my gorgeous MOH and appropriately same named sister Cadey surprised me with this fun bachelorette party! She made adorable cowgirl invitations with instructions for a night of pure fun! (Since we are in the middle of a move, I have no idea where that invitation is but I will find it sooner or later!)
We went out to eat at my favorite restaurant Olive Garden with the third member of our well known KD club and I was given this sign to wear with a list of pre wedding do’s!
They decked me out right with a lace garter and bridal cowgirl hat! Now that’s how we party in the south!
Then back to the apartment to meet up with the rest of the gang for gifts and a night out line dancing!
Let’s all just ignore the pure fear in my face in the picture above.
What a blast with my girls!