18 Month Old Daily Schedule

Photography: J Petite Photography

Before I ever had Ryker, I followed Freshly Picked on Instagram because of the darling kiddo posts and baby fashion. I knew I wanted some of these cute shoes for my son or daughter one day and that was that. I love shoes and so my kid would obviously have the cutest shoes around. Ry loves playing in my shoes because they have bright colors, cool designs or sparkles. It got my mind turning about the quote “to walk in their shoes”

I have all of Ryker’s FP Moccs in a cute little container that he can point to and say shoes. How funny it would be if we could walk in our child’s shoes – metaphorically speaking of course. How would we see our day; how would we see ourselves as parents. So one day I put it to the test. I tried to see our morning by walking in my child’s shoes…

8:05 am I wake up because my room is getting bright. Sucking my thumb and listening to the sound of waves from the box Mom turns on every night. She put me in this romper again because she thinks it will keep me clothed longer.

8:06 Romper off. I hate wearing my diaper but Mom always looks frustrated when I take it off. So I start to cry and maybe she will come get it.

8:07 Where is she? I am tired again, I will lay down and wait.

8:30 I open my eyes and there is Mom! MILK MILK MILK! Yes she always has milk when she comes to get me. She lays me down and I love to kick her because she makes funny faces and then tickles my feet. New diaper but I don’t want to put clothes on so I run down the hall to watch Hotdog (aka Mickey Mouse)

8:45 Mom brings me my cup and it’s cold and tastes like yogurt and strawberries. I love these! We cuddle on the couch with food and the dawggies

9:15 I want to watch more Hotdog but mom takes me outside and I see the airplanes. We run around and I steal Du’s ball. He stopped bringing it back to me and I start to cry. Mom gets the ball. We play some more. Wait where did she go? I start to cry. There she is and she has a fishies! She always has food. I forgot I was hungry again.

10:00 We go into the playroom and build a tower. I want to go back outside but Mom shut the door. So I go through the dawggies door. Mom won’t come so I go back inside. I want to watch a show again but Mom brings me a puzzle. She always cheers when I put them in the right spots. Mom goes in the potty room and I find her phone. I call Dad 6 times but he doesn’t answer. Mom comes out of the potty room and I lay down on her lap. She plays with my hair. My night night (blanket) would be perfect right now. I’ll jump up and run to get it. I trip over the dawggies tail and fall. That was scary but now Mom is holding me and it doesn’t really hurt but when I cry we cuddle and I like to cuddle so I will keep crying.

11:30 I am getting sleepy and Mom made more milk. She puts a new diaper on me and clothes. Ugh I hate clothes but they are really soft and we rock while I close my eyes. Milks all gone. Mom lays me down and tells me she loves me.

Each time that Ryker would cry I was realizing it wasn’t because he was trying to annoy me or stress me out but that was how he asked for things he needed. It totally changed my perspective on our days together. To me our Freshly PickedMoccs are no longer just shoes, they are a symbol reminding me to be grateful for the gift of motherhood. The days are long and the years are short. I want to remember these long days but when I forget or get frustrated I can just take another walk in his adorable little shoes.