Master Closet Reveal

I can’t contain my excitement that our closet is finally done! We have been in our house 5 years now and although it is our starter house, I always had big plans to make it our home from the start. I absolutely love organizing and spreading a little joy throughout each room. For me having a space that reflects our style and is easy to manage  makes a world of difference.

When I see the before pictures I have to remember it wasn’t always that messy. We snapped those pictures to document the space but it was usually clean just cluttered and everything fit so tight. We had a lot of space that we couldn’t use because of the design and Ryker would always pull all my shoes off the door hang.

When starting this project we also did the Kon Marie Method to really bring our wardrobes to a size that we could live with and get rid of all the clothes that didn’t fit or were never worn. It was a love/hate process but it worked and I don’t miss one thing that I donated.

I accented the floor with a plush blue navy rug and we added in a mini crystal chandelier that really just brings the whole project together!

Cameron uses the bottom three drawers and I got the top three. It works perfectly for us and he even surprised me with a jewelry drawer that I am obsessed with! One of my favorite hacks was that the majority of our shelving is adjustable to adapt to our needs – for example, shoe height ?

I found some organizers at Home Goods and bought wooden hangers off Amazon. Overall, it’s quite possibly my favorite ‘room’ in our house ?