Stripes and Starzzzzz

Easter weekend was BYU Ballroom Dance Company in concert!  Wow what a long week filled with late nights. We basically move into the Marriott Center for the week with set-up, rehearsals, shows, and strike.  But how worth it every year!  I think I tried to notice the small details this year knowing that it would be my last with the company and it was pretty bitter sweet, so cliche…geeze katie.
Anyways,  the three shows of a basically sold out performances all received standing ovations and was one of the many times I will truly remember that “being on stage” feeling that is so hard to describe.
I had a blast with my whole team but especially my latin girls and our quirky moments in the locker room, tanning, gossiping, and of course eating.  Yeah, we danced too! I always wish that concert was at the beginning of the year because it really brings the team together with inside jokes and sharing so much time with each other.  Our director is a star and always makes us cry with her thoughts on the year together.
Our “Stripes and Starz” theme went over great with the audience and we had so much fun learning and performing our Paso Doble to a live guitarist.  Lots of positive feedback on that number! Yay us! 
I even got to put that lovely Mrs. Provo title to use in the parade as the shows Beauty Queen. How fitting 😉 (which in my opinion I looked crazy with a crown on slicked hair) 
Sappy thanks to Husband for always “slicking” my hair for ballroom shows and to all my friends for continuing to come “watch me dance”! Love y’all <3
Husband and I had a fun time at the Ballroom Company Banquet. 
 I am sure gonna miss y’all!