Sprint Tri!

So a few weekends ago Husband and his bestie decided to go out a do a triathlon.  They go road biking multiple times a week but didn’t train for the run or swim.  Me and the Mrs. Bestie decided to go show our  husbands what amazing cheerleaders we are and give them some fab support!  
They were in the zone the morning of the race and seemed really nervous realizing that maybe they should have trained a little for the event.  After they headed off, we started our wifely duties of sign making and drove to the event markers!
Well check it!!! Our Husbands did amazing and finished 20th and 21st overall out of over 300 athletes.  They came in 3rd and 4th in their divisions and looked studly doing it! 🙂 What proud wives we are!
The boys are now competing in a 140 mile (yes, that is driving from P-town to SLC 4 times) bike race in the middle of June.  The “4C” or “Cambridge Court Cycling Club” or “Felaton”  boys are each trying to raise $500 for Cancer Awareness.  If you have a lot of money or don’t, but like to charge things to your credit card, or have a rich great-uncle, or found a penny the other day – donate it to help the boys out in their race for the cure!  Click Here To Donate!