“Hmmm… OhKay” I’ll be a Dance Major

*Titled for Kira 🙂

This post is a couple weeks behind but I know that you will forgive me.  It’s been a hectic life at the Smith household as we are in the thick of finals and all the family is flying in for graduation this weekend.  I am stoked to see the fam and dying to graduate!

So March 23 and 24 I had my Senior Project Showcase!!! Basically, all the graduating seniors in Dance or Dance Ed have to comprise a project about Pedagogy (that’s “teaching” for us with a southern education), Research, Performance, or Choreography.  I chose choreography and made a dance about domestic violence.  Yup, I made it.  Insert one tall strong man, one dainty gorgeous girl, add a punch, some cool music and *POOF* ten minutes of genius A+ quality performance.
Um… not quite.
This project took me over forty hours to get music composed and recorded (so I wouldn’t have copyright to deal with), choreograph, teach, rehearse, costume, and perform.  Let’s just say that weeknights were out of the question for anything besides dance and I rarely saw Husband.  If you would like to see what the dance is about and based on check out my other blog and read my Dance Diary.
So the tech week came and I was so nervous.  One costume didn’t work right, my dancer had another sweet audition to attend and as a fellow performer I didn’t want to hold her back, but I was still antsy about her making the last show.  But alas everything worked out amazing.
I had wonderful input from the dance faculty (well minus one but who cares) and was overwhelmed with positive feedback even still since the performances.  Some people didn’t understand the story but honestly I just believe some people are not good audience members or have not had a lot of experiences in life.  My choreography wasn’t about an experience I personally had.  People do not always need to understand or have experienced the art to appreciate it.  I was so grateful for the love and support that my adviser, faculty, friends and family gave to me during this process.
A week and half later we had our dance major banquet and heard some wonderful thoughts and stories from dancers and faculty about their experiences at BYU.  I can’t believe that I am already able to take that look back at my undergrad education and see all these journeys I have been through in dance.  Geez I feel old and I’m barely in my twenties.  I guess that feeling will never go away.  I see all these cute incoming freshies and I just want to grab them and fill them with knowledge about where to go and make sure to do this and audition for that, but I know they will carve their own path and have fun doing it.