BYU Parking Lot Stalking

First off, I HATE the BYU parking situation, they do not have enough place for all of the students to park and it is crazy.  Basically, if you get to school past 8am you will not get a spot for 30 minutes if you’re lucky.  I have a great friend that comes to school an hour early to park and then sit in her car until it’s time for her class. Parking is that tight.  Anyways, this morning Cam picked me up to take me to school.  Every day I park in the RB parking lot because that is where I start and finish classes.  Cameron usually parks over by the science and lab buildings.  I have mastered the art of stalking people on the way to their cars.  Creepy… sure, yes it is.  But a necessity to get a spot before all the other eager drivers.  Usually I park and wait in the motorcycle lot and right on the students way to their car, I ask 3 questions.
1. Are you parked in here?
2. Are you leaving?
3. Would you like me to take you to your car so you don’t have to walk in the cold?

Yes, I mostly get guys and a little smile and flirtation can go a long way to get a parking spot.  
Works. Like. A. Charm.
So this morning, it’s 9:52am. Classes just let out and we see the parking lot starting to fill with people looking for spots.  I warn Cameron of this battle we are about to fight.  It goes something like this.
Cam and I enter the RB parking lot and of course… there are no spots open 🙁 but luckily we see people starting to walk to their cars!
I start yelling at Cam to go grab the spots! We have to find a person to stalk and fast! I might have been a little of a backseat driver and cam may have been a little irritated…   :/
“Katie, I have parked once or twice before”
We thought we had found a great spot, and then we saw the evil blue car with their blinker flashing away.
Less people walked to their cars, more drivers filled the parking lot, and we always got there a second too late.  There were those stupid blinkers.
Finally I decided to work the stalker magic and pick up a girl.  Luckily she answered questions one and two in the affirmative but denied a ride to her car but said we could follow her.  So we inched along behind her and finally go a spot at 10:11am.