We’re Engaged

Yes that’s right! It finally happened, Cam proposed! This past Saturday evening November 27, 2010 we were still down in Mesa, Arizona visiting his family for the Thanksgiving break and he popped the big question 🙂 EKKKK!

SO here’s the story:

basically like this

I kinda knew that it was coming and would be pretty soon, AND I got the feeling that he wanted to do it while his family was around.  Saturday rolls around and I am finally feeling better from my surgery (see previous post) and he comes to wake me up for homemade waffles for breakfast and I ask what we are doing today; you know trying to get a feel of when it might come.  Dinner, walk in the park?  “I don’t know we will probably just hang around the house today and maybe grab something to eat.”  Really. That’s all. I was so disappointed… So I get ready for the day and he’s outside hanging Christmas lights with his Dad and then they are off to his Grandfather’s house to install a TV.

I am so confused, I thought that for sure it was going to be today.  Cam’s Mom is a sweetie and says that us girls (me, her, and Kenzi; his little sister) should all go shopping and run errands while the boys are gone.  We go to Sally’s and then to DownEast and then finally we have to stop by a lady’s house to pick up clothes for the stake trek this summer that Mrs. Sherrie is helping with.  They live on this beautiful ranch and she thought that I would love it because it kind of looks like home and I should come inside.  We ring the doorbell and no one comes.  Again, nothing.  I think, “don’t you usually leave when someone isn’t home?  She must really want to get these clothes.”  Mrs. Sherrie said that she didn’t have her cell phone number but that the lady promised she would be home around this time.  We wait, and it’s getting cold and dark…. Hmmm.  So then she thinks I should take a picture on this bench int their yard and of course I don’t think twice!  Then all of the sudden I get up and I’m walking around and Cam appears from behind the house on a WHITE HORSE dressed as a KNIGHT! AHHH too cute!

“THIS. IS. MY. PROPOSAL!” I thought (actually screamed out loud)

caught in the moment

So he got off and came over as I am beaming and freaking out all over the place and he hugs me and says tons of adorable things then gets down on one knee and asks me to spend eternity with him.  Well HOLY COW, how could you say no to that?  And the tears are just flowing like a river mind you. Then he pulled a box out of his boot (yes he was wearing riding boots gahhh) and gave me my ring (see below) and showed me where his Dad had been hiding in the bushes taking pictures of the whole proposal!

Me, my fiance’ Cam, and my horse Darla

Seriously the most perfect day ever! I have never been so surprised and all of his family was there watching from a distance and his mission companion from Italy, and the owners of the house, and the horse. A HORSE!  I am so stinkin’ THRILLED to be getting married to my best friend and the love of my life.  It’s corny but who cares? I’m corny…and engaged!

My Bling Ring