Cal-E-Forn-I-A Happenings

*Disclaimer* THIS IS A LONG ONE

Hey Y’all! So sorry I have not posted for FOREVER! eek! Forgive me and excuses are totally worthless, BUT basically between hours of ballroom, trying to keep all A’s in school, work, and planning the wedding of the century… I am a tad overbooked.
Anyways, recently my partner and I along with tons of other ballroom fanatics traveled down to sunny Irvine, CA for the California Open Ballroom Competition! Let me just breakdown this trip for y’all;

9 fun hours of driving, sleeping, stopping to eat, oh yeah and then the extra 3 hours of being stuck in traffic. UGH and let’s not forget that sunny california welcomed us with cold rain… 🙁 at least it wasn’t snow i guess.

Friday Night Happenings:

Let’s just say that we all were getting very grumpy/tired/hungry/needed to pee/smelled like fake tanner! -Lovely 13 hour road trip-

So we end up eating out, we’re all so pleasant to be around, we smell great, and we are dressed to the nines; all we want to do is party all night long….

We had fun trying on $6,000 costumes and wishing we were rolling in Benjamins. I never knew a yard of fabric could cost more than my car…

We met some interesting people in the elevator that ended up hitting on my partner, they were nice guys…

Saturday Morning Happenings:

When did everyone come home? I spoke to you? You drove to the other place you were staying? I drove last night? Did you make a U-Turn? I’m still orange…   :/

Well at Noon we were finally all awake and went to Ihop for breakfast, had we not eating for 15 hours? Yikes!

Getting Ready Happenings:

Needed to be MORE orange… for more info on why i had to be orange CHECK THIS OUT

Two pounds of gel, hairspray, and elmers glue? Check.

Looking like I am foreign. Check.
New Ballroom Name: Alisa Fokine Klavdiya Itsov Mravinsky


Semi-Finals Pre-Champ Latin 7th (C/R/PD)

Semi-Finals Novice Latin 12th (S/R)
10 Dances Back to Back, I have never sweated that much in my life. Or felt like I was going to puke so bad.

We are right in the front, with my leg in the air 🙂
Saturday Night Happenings:

Well after being utterly exhausted, we decided to take a break from the ballroom lifestyle and hit the sights.

Katie (my partners standard partner) and I almost got kid-napped at the gas station, made about 83 more U-turns and ended up with the boys at H&M.  Of course, we are not as up to date on fashion as them so we got taken undr their wings and shown the ropes of high fashion. I got taken in the back room of Valentino – apparently that doesn’t happen all the time, who knew?! We got some great new pieces for our collections and had so much fun.  Then off to our dinner date at TGIFridays and ate our fill!

Back to bed for us for another long drive tomorrow.

Sunday… Happenings:
Starbucks U-Turn, for breakfast and a prayer for shopping on the Sabbath… sorry God. :/

A quiet warm, green, sunny drive U-Turn, Costa Vida for Dinner… another prayer

Stopped to see the St. George Temple… U-Turn

Home sweet U-Turn, home 🙂

**It was a great trip for all of us and we enjoyed the bonding time with everyone and who doesn’t want to say they competed in california.

Inside Happenings:

“Katie when I usually bite you, it’s not bad.” –Charlie
“I would be bulimic over anorexic because you could eat a ton first.” – Caitlin
“Once we watched I am legend and then while we were driving three deer ran across the road.”  – Caitlin
“The best thing to do in that situation is to head south.” –Amy
“Pervert me, PERVERT me!” –Caitlin
“That’s a bra in that tree… AND another one!” – Charlie
“Actually, that’s a bag.” – The Katie’s
“Does a free lunch ring your bell? Oh… it just did.” – Amy
“I can take good people and turn them into good dancers, but I can’t take good dancers and turn them into good people.”
“Yeah, but I’m also a man” – Charlie
(In a singing voice) “You can trust your car to the man who wears the star, the great big Texaco Star!” -Amy
“I have loose slots.” –Caitlin
“I’m pretty sure I drooled one time and it took off part of my tanner.” –Caitlin
“Let me just flip a U” –Charlie
“Where’s the beach?” –Katie T.
“Can you pop the trunk?” –Katie T.
“What was everyone’s favorite part of the trip?” –Katie G.
“The stars are so pretty.” – Katie T.
“Charlie’s favorite part was almost kissing me.” –Katie G.
“Yeah, I can’t wait to see the pictures; I just hope they don’t look awkward.” –Charlie
“It didn’t feel awkward.” – Katie G.
“No, it was great!” –Charlie
“This is my son Alma.”
“And this is his brother, The Younger.”
“They are twins.”
“Can you guess who is older!?”
“You should name your kid China and then when they have a kid they would be made in China.” –Caitlin
“Better to have loved and lost then to have never loved at all.”
“I am like the Buddha of fashion.” –Mike F.
“Well ladies, I have to make a u-turn, it’s been over an hour.” –Charlie
“How do you stand those long freeway stretches?” -Caitlin