Oh Happy Year

One year ago…
I married my best friend, Cameron Brett Smith.
In case you’re behind too I’ll break the year down for you in one sweet post.
Then had a Reception
Had an Open House in California
Shopped San Francisco
Celebrated July 4th
Camped in Moab
Zip-lined Park City
Dance Competition in Vegas
Went to Weddings
Cheered on BYU
Dressed Up
Went Black Friday Shopping in AZ at 3am
Saw 7 Temples
Got iPhones
Went to the Dinosaur Museum
Dressed Up Again
City Creek Mall
Ran a 5K
Hiked the Y
Celebrated our Anniversary in Vegas
Well when you put it that way, that’s a lot of marriage in 1 year with 2 part time jobs & 2 full time students.
We are on that adventure all right and it’s better than I imagined.