World… Meet Duke!

Duke, Meet World!

Cam and I have been wanting a dog for a very… VERY long time now. However, we live somewhere where pets are not allowed. Which is crazy because our sweet boy is way cleaner than some people I have met.  And I can only imagine, cleaner than some apartments.

Opps. Did I just say that out loud?  (I never know what to type in this circumstance, b/c really I just thought it and typed it. Mama says if you don’t have nuthin nice to say, don’t say nuthin at all.  But I never “said” it.  So…  it’s okay!)

Anyways.  Back in January, Cam put a picture of a cute dog on his phone.  A guy in our ward saw it and WHAM! One thing led to another and we were signing up to meet puppies that weren’t even born yet.

His parents have two Dark Goldens or “Red” Golden Retrievers. The Mom dog was preggers, they were pure bred and a have champion breed Daddy.  We were SOLD!

On February 10, 2012…

Ellie and Halo had four gorgeous puppies.  One passed away at birth but Scarlet, Petra, and Duke were cute as can be.

Ten days later we drove up to meet the furry babies and pick out which one we would take home in the summer.

10 days old!

I chose this gorgeous girl and named her Scarlet!

I was in love but unfortunately an accident happened.
Some kids got in the yard and were playing too rough with my puppy and killed her.  It was a sad day and I am not going to lie, I bawled like a baby for hours after our friends came over with muffins (so thoughtful) and told us the bad news.  I was so excited about having her and couldn’t imagine another puppy. I know, you’re thinking, “gosh it’s only a dog kt, it must have been that time of the month”

Nope I was just really sad.  Cam convinced me to drive back to Bountiful and look at the boy puppy.  The other girl (Petra) had been claimed already.

Well, let me tell you. We walked in and this bounded and leaped toward us.  Okay, it was a waddle but it was adorable.  He was so kind, loving, and gentle I couldn’t believe it.  I was afraid a male dog would be so much more aggressive but this little docile guy was perfect for adding to our family.

On our way home we named him Duke.

Shortly after, Duke’s mom Ellie passed away from cancer.  It was a rough time so we took Duke out for some fun!

He went hiking with us for graduation!

Snuck into our … “residency.” We have no idea how and we took him home right away 🙂

We took him to the vet for shots and he was so good!

He got Yogurtland…

He loves car rides between me and Cam!

He also loves ball

and fire hydrants!

He is a perfect asset to the Smith Home and we can’t wait for y’all to meet him.

He comes home with us in June!
[3 months old and fetchin like a pro, he is a little ADD but he’s only a puppy]