No Weekend Indoors – A New Year’s Resolution

pc: kourtney marie photography

Ringing in 2017, I really want to focus on fitness & health but also personal growth, relationships & mental wellness.

This year, I will be posting more workouts, a questionably healthy recipe or maybe a fun adventure; something you can do with others or for others. Make you better by making others better.

These posts will hopefully:
-get you motivated (motivated to dance *of course* talk, take care of relationships, see the world or see your own backyard)
-recharge your battery (yours & your phones! snap one picture & put your phone away bc you are already with those that matter)
-challenge you (I say it in every barre class I teach “if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you”)

A top resolution is always losing weight
I think that finding ways to serve + be happy + healthy + spending time with loved ones is a great way to focus on people not pounds.

I also made a goal to not spend a weekend inside this year. There are 52 weekends & each one will have some moment that we purposefully will spend outdoors. Feel free to steal, I am pretty sure we could be epic.

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