Date Night: Shooting Range

Tuesday morning, the adorable hubby took me on a fun date! His little sister Kenzi tagged along too, but I didn’t mind, the more the merrier!

All of us had some tension built up over stress from the weekend and decided the best way to let off that steam was to go shoot something. It is a very logical idea if you think about it.  It’s also a southern way to deal with your problems, so count me in!

Arizona is all about the right to own a gun and they heavily promote teaching women to be confident behind the pistol, so every Tuesday and Friday, it’s free lane and gun rentals for ladies! We had our own glock 40 and 9mm so we didn’t have to rent and only Cam had to pay for his lane and our targets.  Talk about the cheapest date ever people.  I’m telling you, this was a winner!

We started with my favorite, the glock, at 10-15 feet away and had 2 rounds (20 bullets) each.  If you had to actually use a gun to protect yourself the attacker would probably be in close range.  (Oh geez, y’all are gonna think I am some insane southern republican woman that honors her right to protect herself.  Yup. That just about covers it.)

20 shots all within 7-8-9-10
Let’s just say that Cameron couldn’t stop talking about how impressed he was.  That’s right folks, two and a half years of knowing each other and I can still knock the socks off my husband.
Girls. Raised. In. The. South.