Sunday Style: Little French Fille

Sunday Funday! We spent our first full Sunday in Mesa. We loved the warm sunshine and basked in the fresh summer air.  

LIES! It was 110 degrees and we all ran inside for the air conditioning!

Church wasn’t till 1:30pm so I had a little time to get ready and try out a new look and hairstyle 🙂 What do you think?

Dress & Belt: Forever 21, Jacket: TalbotsShoes: Gianni Bini
To do the braid:
1.  part hair and separate into two equal sections, secure each with an elastic
2.  braid each section and secure with elastic so you have two pig-tail braids
3.  pull one braid up and over head and secure with bobby pins and hair pins
4.  repeat with second braid
5.  hairspray and you’re good to go!