Panamá Day 1: Flying Solo

Well here starts the beginning of my adventures in Panama!!!

I woke up before the sun at 4:15am to drive to the airport, check my FREE bag (thanks united) and board by 6:30am.  The flight was only two hours to Houston and I woke up just in time to prepare for landing.
Currently, I am waiting for my connecting flight to Panama for the next 3 hours… what fun airport people spotting is!
Here is a quick picture of my packing adventures last night:
I have quite a lot of flight experience for a 22 year old student flying UT-SC at least 2 times a year.
Airports Visited:
Orange County, CA/ Las Vegas, NV/ Phoenix, AZ/ SLC, UT/ Denver, CO/ Houston, TX/ Dallas, TX/ ATL, GA/ Columbia, SC/ Greenville, SC/ Charleston, SC/ Augusta, GA/ Orlando, FL/ Charlotte, NC/ Baltimore, MD/ Chicago, IL/ Minneapolis, MN/ LaGuardia, NY/ Cancun, Mexico
Two Things You Should Know About Me When I Fly:
2. I LOVE Starbucks White Hot Chocolate
Cameron (my sweet husband) and I have packing down to a system.  Basically, I pick out everything I want to bring and organize it on the bed…. He makes it fit 🙂 What a perfect relationship!  
Well, I’m gonna grab some grub. Stay tuned for more!