Holiday Christmas Card Traditions

Every year, one of the traditions I look forward to most is designing and sending out our Christmas cards.

When Cameron and I first got married, it seemed silly to send out a card with just us on it but I look back and cherish them. I keep one card from every year in a book so that one day we will be able to look back and see how our family and lives have changed over the years. One of my favorites was the tropical Christmas cards we sent out after visiting Tonga and Fiji!

This year, Basic Invite made my life so easy with addressing all my cards. The process is so simple and they offer recipient address printing FREE for all holiday cards.

Do you even know how much time this saves! Talk about a Christmas miracle. It was perfect. If you haven’t tried out Basic Invite you definitely should. I love the quality of their cards and they have some beautiful unique styles for this holiday season!