Merry Christmas and New Traditions

A little behind in the blogging of the adventures of Mr. & Mrs. Smith and I do apologize!  Christmas break seems forever ago but what a fantastic vacation it was.  We spent Christmas in Utah with Cameron’s family.  Mom, Dad, and Kenz drove up from Arizona and we all had a party at G&G Jardines’!  Brielle and the Bluth family also spent the holiday in Utah so we got to spend some time with them and our cute niece and nephews!

My first Christmas somewhere where there is actually a really good chance of snow and what do I get?  Nothing, nada, zip, ziltch! I was hopin and a wishin for that white Christmas but all I got was cold!
We had fun though, this is better told in pictures….
New Glasses, all the better to see you with 🙂
Temple Square on Christmas Eve
Mr. Smith
Snowboarding the day after Christmas
Cookie Decorating and Movie Nights
Sweet Girl!
Uncle Cam!
Then we road tripped it down to warm and sunny Arizona for the new year! We had some really fun adventures with his family and our friends.  Check out my new friend’s blog and her cute life here. Cam was in a class that her husband, Hunter, TAed for.  Apparently he was awesome because he and Cam hit it off.  Hunter now goes to dental school at Midwestern were we will go in June 2012!  I am excited to have a new friend to know in the area with a busy husband just like mine!
Our scavengar hunt may sound cheesy or corny but let me tell you it was a blast! Cam’s dad made it up for us and of course we won (just barely!) His parent’s were so cute and got us all gift cards for our prizes!
The List:
1. French Fry Box From In & Out
2. A gas receipt from Chevron for $1 exactly
3. A picture of Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible Poster with both of you in the picture
4. A picture of a Colonel
5. A picture in front of the “baby Jesus’s Manger”
6. A picture with a horse and one of you on it.
7. A recording of “This is Jack in the box how can I help you” with a cup from Jack
8. A movie (or pic and recording) of Grandpa Smith saying “Happy New Year”
9. A picture of California
10. A picture of one of you in front of a Corvette
Check out the other fun things we did in AZ 🙂

We made fresh squeezed OJ
Ate Gelato and Played “Just Dance” with Cam’s
Mission Buddy and his Sweet Wife

Scavengar Hunt with Cameron’s friend and his darling
wife, & Kenzi and her boyfriend Kevin

Ate Pizookie

Watched Fireworks with Sparkling Cider! Perfect Holiday!
We also may or may not have watched three full seasons of a certain dramatic medical show too, but what fun spending time with my best friend, his family and meeting new friends! I am super excited to move to Arizona (okay this changes from day to day, I will be honest) but I am feeling more comfortable with the idea!