It is truly official! We went down to Arizona for Thanksgiving to see our wonderful family and spend time enjoying that warm weather!  The Tuesday after Turkey Day Cameron had his dental school interview with Midwestern University.  He was very excited for the opportunity and the day he had been preparing so long for. He had to be in Glendale ready for his interview at 7:30am.  Pretty early when you are on vacation recovering from school stress!  But Cam is kind of amazing if you haven’t already met him and was looking as sharp as ever in his black Italian suit and sporting the BYU blue and yes Italian tie. 🙂  The interview went great and Cam was all smiles when we picked him up from campus at 2:30pm.  We went house hunting around the area and saw some really great deals!  I am getting more and more excited and use to the idea of living in Arizona…

…AND I SHOULD BE!  Two days later on December 1st my amazingly smart and talented husband got his acceptance call to Midwestern University!  Watch out world – – Cameron Smith, newly accepted dental student, is on his way!

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