Mrs. Smith

Hi y’all, my name is Katie,

I am a wife, mother, nurse and ballerina. I believe in happiness; not only going after your dreams but achieving them. I believe in community and that we each have a story to tell. Something to contribute to the world, to inspire, and to motivate others. I believe that once you know a person’s story you can have a greater love for them. I believe in smiling till it hurts and dancing every chance you get.  

I am originally from a small town in South Carolina + moved to Arizona for the Mr to go to school. It’s growing on me. I have come to learn that home really is about the people you are with, not where you are.

Thank you SO for stopping by and I hope you find something that encourages you.

Part of Our Story

After several years of infertility and 2 miscarriages, we received our miracle rainbow baby. When we felt right we started trying for our second baby. 2.5 years and another 2 miscarriages later we were pregnant. Lovingly nick-named for being 9.5 lbs and a week early. When I was only 10 months postpartum, we found out we were pregnant! You can imagine our shock after years of difficulties. A baby girl was welcomed into our family at the beginning of 2020. The perfect start to the New Year!

This blog was started to document our lives. It morphed into sharing fun party + meal ideas and laughing through our parenting mishaps . Other parts of this blog help explain how we navigated through infertility, loss and high risk pregnancies. Things that worked for us and ultimately led us to discover positive parenting. How we chose to intentionally design our home through falling in love with DIY projects + simplifying almost every aspect of our lifestyle from our belongings to our schedule to find JOY.

“An angel in the book of life wrote down my baby’s birth, and whispered as she closed the book, ‘Too beautiful for earth.’”

Mr. Smith

My hunky Instagram husband behind most of my photos and supporter of my crazy ideas. One of the kindest, most humble people I know. I will forever be grateful for his continued support of my goals and itch to travel the world. At first sight… my soul just grooved with his.