Wedding Part IV

Part 4:  The Wedding
I will try to keep this one as short as possible.  I don’t promise anything.
The Dress– Latter Day Bride in Salt Lake City
Blush and Ivory Lace 
I am crazy about lace and long big dresses.  My wedding dress was pretty much that in a nutshell.  I knew I wanted bling, sparkle, and lace.  That is just what I got.  
The only down side to my dress was that I ordered the smallest size and when I came in for the fitting it fell off.  Literally.  I was leaving on a plane home in three days, started crying, and called my family and best friends to tell them that the wedding was ruined.  Okay I was in a dramatic phase but what bride wouldn’t be? Anyways they brought in a lace specialist to custom fit it.  She rebuilt my dress and they shipped it to SC  for free. When it came in, it was perfect!
Also, since the dress was made to fit like a glove, anytime I had to sit down I had to hike my dress up and it made rolls and wrinkles in it which was a pain and looks bad in some pictures.  But hey, something has to go wrong right?
I wore the same ring that Cameron proposed with and didn’t add a wedding band to it.  I left it just how it was.  I took a lot of pictures in my ballet shoes since that is a big part of who I am and makes me smile to see two of the things that are most important to me together.  Dance and getting married to my best friend!
Shoes are also one of my favorite things so we took this bridal shot for fun!
We were married May 21, 2011 in the Columbia, South Carolina Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
In the Mormon faith their are three white dresses very important to little girls.  Your blessing dress, your baptism dress, and your wedding dress.  My Mom kept all my dresses to take this photo on my special day.
Our reception was at a small renovated plantation in my home town called The Belle House.  It was the perfect location for our party and we loved the beauty and landscape of the yard overlooking fields.
What’s the party without a puppy?
I wasn’t really set on colors when I was planning the wedding but I DID know that I would have sunflowers everywhere! I love them and think they bring such happiness to those around.  I would always stop at a sunflower field on the side of the road and walk through them taking in their brightness.  Cam first gave me a postcard that he made of a sunflower field and I knew that boy was a keeper!
I also knew that gold looked great with purple in our die-hard LSU home and what better way to support our team!? I also love lemons.  I love the smell, I love lemonade, I love the color.  So lemons were a must!
All of our bridesmaid bouquets doubled as center pieces so they didn’t have to carry them the whole night and then we donated them to elderly homes to cheer up the men and women.
Also 10% of my photography cost went to charity for giving back.

Something old:  My great-grandmothers hair pin
Something new: My wedding dress
Something borrowed:  This antique pearl bracelet from my MOH
Something blue: My garter
Like I said before I love me some bows! Each chair at our table had one of these beautiful bows!
When Cameron and I began dating, his Mom made us a box filled with 365 questions, one for each day of the year.  We learned so much about each other and loved “doing the box” that we decided to have one on each table for our guests to look through.  The top flower is the same as the hair clips that all my bridesmaids could incorporate in their hair as they pleased. The boxes sat with the program of the evening, lemon flower centerpieces and story of the box.
As our guests arrived we had a sign in scrapbook, card basket, bin off purple chocolate covered sunflower seeds, and quilt advice table.  There were quilt squares set aside to write down your marriage advice.  Later, Cam’s grandmother made us a gorgeous quilt.
We had this gorgeous swing in the backyard that we decorated with ribbons and bows.  The kids loved taking turns playing.
We incorporated pink into the wedding with my shoes.  I also wore Toms for the dance floor!
Speaking of dancing…
Our wedding party was introduced by performing their favorite dance moves.
Daddy-daughter/Mother-son dance brought tears to the room.
We surprised our friends with a killer routine!
Apparently after we left, the party really started!
Let them eat CAKE!
A three tiered cake with butter cream lace design in chocolate cake with chocolate Bavarian and pound cake with cream cheese filling.
I surprised Cameron with this chocolate peanut butter Italian flag grooms cake!
This speaks for itself.
Sparkling cider is our favorite!
We didn’t get many pictures of the delicious food because it was so good a disappearing fast.  But we had different flavors of lemonade in these mason jars. French fries in cones, mini sliders, chicken salad sandwiches, lemon bars, pasta salad and much more!
Guess who caught the bouquet and garter? 
The best man and maid of honor!
We had Kyle sneak that garter up Cadey’s leg for extra years of good luck in our marriage!
My sweet Daddy let us you this baby as our get away car.  Cameron almost died being able to drive off in his favorite car!
And we’re off! Sparklers were our first choice for our sendoff!
It wouldn’t be a wedding without a decorated car.  Rice in our bags, newspaper and balloons poured out of the car.  Covered in streamers and other THINGS 🙂