so this one time… i was on SYTYCD

Okay with the vast amount of questions I have gotten about being on the hit Fox television show So You Think You Can Dance, I decided to share the dirty little details with you.

Now y’all, can’t be mad at me!  I didn’t tell you back in February when I auditioned because I had signed my life away to only let about three people know.  Stupid. I know.
Anyways I:
skipped outta school 
slept over with some other people auditioning
woke up at the butt crack of dawn
took the tracks to the theater
stood in the freezing cold for 2+ hours
acted like this was NBD
was really scared out my mind
signed my life away
waited with 1000 other dancers.
Mostly it was just A LOT of waiting.
We were split into groups by the genre we were performing, aka: jazz, contemporary, hip hop, or specialty.
I was considered specialty, since I was auditioning in ballroom, along with Brazilian Samba Feather Girl, Russian Folk Quiet Girl, Burlesque Stripper Girl, Awesome Tap Boy and other random crazies.
The first audition was in groups of 10 and you had about 15 seconds to show your stuff and they pick you for the next round or your outta there.
We passed and went on to tell our sap story, take pictures, do a slow mo, another video of showing our amazing personalities, give our solo music, and find out if we were coming back for day 1 or 2.
My partner, Charlie, and I were Day 2, which was good because I was in the BYU Faculty Works Show that weekend. OVER BOOKED. Ya think?!
We practiced the next two days because we had been told to “Sex It Up” 
uh… okay? :/
Anyways we drove back for audition and went on to round 2.
Round 2 was getting in groups of 10 again and dancing with all the different genres. If they liked you you got to go on to see the judges for round 3.
To give you a rough estimation.  Close to 1000 people auditioned.  50 got in front of the judges.
We made it to the judges but before we did another interview… with Cat Deeley:) 
Basically, this was the highlight of the whole experience. She is gorgeous in person and was really sweet!
Next we waited for hours and hours.  Our families got to come support us!  Cameron, Brooke and her husband Seth came to cheer me on.  And Charlie’s Dad and brothers came for him!
We were up and danced our ‘sexy’ little hearts out.  I have never been so nervous and it kind of showed through in my dancing.  They didn’t love us so we were cut.  It was really hard and sad but a fun experience that I can now say I was on National Television!!!  I wouldn’t go as far as saying I got 15 minutes of fame, more like 15 seconds if add all the times they showed me together 🙂
Welcome to Salt Lake City! (Me, Kira, Charlie, Mike, Annie)
Arrows added below to help you
Seth, Brooke, and Cameron!
Showing off our stuff!
Highlighted in Front of The Capitol Theater
Pictures from audition day:
Walking to the Capitol Theatre
Don’t Tell ANYONE
movie cuts out but you get the idea!