Sunday Style: Feeling Blue

SHIRT:  nordstrom|SKIRT:  forever 21|BELT:  downeast basics|CLUTCH:  c/o my cute madre!
Is it Friday yet?  Cam started back at dental school this week (whoo hoo 2nd year!!) and I have found myself so busy and bored… that doesn’t even make sense but it’s how I feel.  Any other dental wives out there have advice to get through?  I am just focusing on the whole keep busy one day at a time motto. What about you?

0 thoughts on “Sunday Style: Feeling Blue

  1. Same thing here Katie! I think we should hang out…and talk about how much we miss our men! Seriously, why hasn't we yet? I have been cleaning like a crazy lady, reading, cooking, movies, etc… it gets a tad boring after a while. Busy and boring 🙂

  2. Hi 🙂 my husband just started school again as well for his masters so lately I have been reading books , spending time with family ,trying out new recipes for dinner Pinterest is always a go to 🙂

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