Estrella Mountain Park Hike – Arizona

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! And a very BIG Thank You to all those that serve our country!
This weekend we decided to take a hike out to the Estrella Mountain Range for some mid-day hiking.  Don’t forget we live in Arizona so it’s already at least 100 degrees most days.  We decided since it was so hot we would do a easy 1 mile hike trail for a fun 2 mile round trip hike.  We always carry plenty of water for all 3 of us plus shade hats and bananas and tweezers for Dukes run in with the cactus plants. Well, after half way in poor Duke dropped to the ground whimpering in pain. I wanted to cry it was the saddest thing ever.  We felt the ground and it was scalding!  The ground was so hot it was burning his paws! Cameron quickly picked him up and carried him a little of the ways back then they just decided it would be faster if we let Duke run so off they went.
It wasn’t a total disaster.  We found shade and some adorable prairie dogs that Duke had fun chasing as they ran circles around him underground.  We stopped by a picnic area to cool off and enjoy the fresh mountain air.