Courage Through Cancer

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She has COURAGE.

My Mom HAS courage.

Sometimes my Mom just has RAGE towards the evil disease in her body, but courage is the best word I can use to describe Mom.  She sure has a whole lot of it, so it just seems fitting. Not only did she beat cancer once, but she is fighting for a second time. My mom was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer in January 2013 and wasn’t given the best outcome for survival, but did she prove everyone wrong. She battled breast cancer that had spread to her spine and ribs, fluid build up in her lungs, months of chemotherapy and radiation then to find it had spread to her brain. Pushing through more radiation and losing her hair a second time, the cancer came back in her breast. This September, only a few weeks ago she underwent a double mastectomy and will most likely be back on chemotherapy. Most people would lose hope, give up the fight or  say ‘let it be.’ Not my mother. She takes each trial in stride. Showing some frustration, then picking herself up and asks the doctors ‘what’s next?’ Basically, bring it on breast cancer because you just may not have known who you’re dealing with.

Love you mama.

p.s. if you want more information on my foundation in honor of my mom and to help raise awareness and support please visit The Think Pink Project HERE on my blog or HERE on facebook