A Sad Day

Yesterday morning I got a text from Charlie asking if I wanted to go hike Stewart Falls with him and his brother.  I was bored and love the outdoors so of course I was down for the adventure.  We got up to the canyon around noon and began our hike.

It was the most beautiful day with the right amount of shade to keep you cool, everything was blooming and green, and it just felt like summertime. It’s a pretty easy hike [if you have the right shoes] and then you end up at these gorgeous falls.

As we had just arrived when we saw a tragic accident. A young 22 year old boy was free rock climbing the face of the cliff.  He slipped and fell.
People talked too openly about the event in front of loved ones crying near by.  Parents quickly ushered their children back down the mountain.  Qualified health professionals rushed to aid.  It was like slow motion. You can read the news for the details, mainly because I don’t want to explain them all here.  Friends, families, children stood in horror of the event unfolding before our eyes.  Everyone felt helpless for that instant.  Really there is only so much you can do in the mountains of Utah to save a life in this kind of circumstance.  We waited, comforted, and watched as 45 minutes later, search and rescue hiked in to help revive the boy and later they airlifted him out. 
He was a BYU student out on a ward hike.  He was from Nevada. 22 years old.  I am 22 years old.  I selfishly sat and thought about my adventurous husband who was rock climbing this very moment in Arizona. Just one decision could change everything.  
It made me try to look for the positive in the situation, mainly because it was so bad.  I thought that his work on the earth was done and he was going to a better place.
I finally was able to talk with Cam last night as he came home from the camping trip.  He told me that he had spoken with another man about decisions now don’t only affect his life but mine as well and that he never wants me to worry or be scared for his safety.  I am grateful that I know and understand what is after this life and the plan of salvation.  I am grateful that I have a lovely husband that cares about my feelings and tries to be safe in all his outdoors activities.  
It was a sad day, but knowing Adam is home with Heavenly Father kind of gives it a silver lining.  My prayers and sympathy goes out to his friends and family.