1 Year Old Nighttime Routine – with Nested Bean

Ryker has pretty much been a tummy/side sleeper since he was born. Even when he was in the NICU for a small stint for jaundice they had him laying on his tummy because he slept so well. We have been really lucky to have our first born be a good sleeper and trust me I am beyond grateful  and counting my blessings. Don’t get me wrong we had those crazy all-nighters and random hours of waking but all in all Ry sleeps peacefully through the night.

I have so many friends that have difficult sleepers and I have wished for so long there was advice I could give them to magically get their sweet baby to sleep through the night. When Nested Bean reached out to me to test their sleep sack I was intrigued. The idea behind Nested Bean is it mimics your touch with a lightly weighted pad to help babies feel comforted and therefore sleep better. Genius right!?

I tested out the Zen Sleep Sack during one of Ry’s naps because he usually doesn’t sleep as long and it’s a guess if he will go down at all. The Sleep Sack is so easy to put on with adjustable shoulder tabs and a two way zipper. I rocked him to sleep and laid him down.

The Results: HOLY MOLY – kid slept for a solid 2 hours and this was after his normal 2 hour nap in the morning! I was shocked! He woke up so happy and was just sitting up in his crib playing. {NOT PREGNANT} but I can’t wait to use this on my next babe. They also have a swaddle for younger kiddos.

I also wanted to share our night time routine because I loved seeing what other moms did and incorporating that into our sleep schedule. I hope you find it useful.


6:00PM Dinner – Ry loves cheese, yogurts, sweet potatoes, mixed veggies & crackers but we also are working on having him try what we are eating for dinner that night as well. After dinner we let him run around a little and get any extra energy (and poop! ha) out

7:00PM Bath Time – we love adding a few essential oils to his bath because it makes it so relaxed. We sit by the tub, play with him and sing a few songs.

7:15PM Story Time – when we are first done with his bath we head to his room diaper – lotion/baby massage – brush teeth – comb hair – jammies then we sit and read a book together while he finishes a bottle.

7:30PM Lights Out  – we use a sound machine with waves which stays on through the night. It also has a night light that we trun on while we rock. After we lay him down we turn off the night light and make sure the blackout shade is down. Sweet dreams!